Christmas Treats with no cooking

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These are really easy to make, absolutely lethal on the waistline and a firm favourite with children and husbands. ‘fraid the ingredients are in lb and oz as these come from my old notebook of recipes, you can see it has been well used!

Homemade Bounties
8oz dessicated coconut
7oz good quality cooking chocolate
1 small tin condensed milk
2tbsp icing sugar

Mix together in a bowl the coconut, icing sugar and condensed milk. Heat the cooking chocolate over a pan of hot water until a runny considtency. Form the coconut mixture into firm balls, dip into the chocolate and allow to cool on greaseproof paper.

Do not lick your fingers until the very last bountie has been made!

Chocolate Yule Log
4oz (100g) plain dark, good quality cooking chocolate
4oz (100g) plain dark chocolate
2oz (50g) butter
7oz (200g) digestive biscuits
4oz (100g) raisins
2oz (50g) chopped tasted hazelnuts
2oz (50g) glace cherries, quartered

To decorate
4oz (100g) plain dark chocolate
1 tsp icing sugar

1. Put the chocoate and cooking chocolate in a large heatproof bowl with the butter. Stand the bowl over a pan of hot water and stir until chocolate melts.
2. Remove the bowl from the heat. Put the biscuits ina polybag and break them up with a rolling pin until in small chunks.
3. Stir into the chocolate with the raisin, hazelnuts and cherries. Mix together well.
4. Spoon the mix onto a sheet of foil. Fold Foil tightly round the mixture and squeeze it into a thick log shape. Chill until set hard.
5. To decorate: unwrap log and put on a serving plate. Melt remaining cholate in a bowl over hot water. Spread chocolate over log to cover it completely. mark the cholate with a fork so it looks like bark. Leave it to set. Sift a little icing sugar ‘snow’ over the log. Add a sprig of holly or other Christmassy decoration.

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