The NEW Farmersgirl Kitchen …coming soon!

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My blog is called Farmersgirl Kitchen, and this is where I make the food that I show on this blog.

We need to do some work on the internal walls of our kitchen. There has been some water coming in from the outside wall (on the right) if you look closely you can see the marks. We have had this fixed outside, but all the plaster has to come off that wall and our joiner is going to line it with insulated plasterboard. We are also getting the wall behind the current units strapped and plasterboarded so we can have wall units, the existing wall just wouldn’t support them. So….as my cooker (stove) is 25 years old and the kitchen units are about 23 years old, we decided that it was time to have a change.

I have a strange kitchen set up, being an old farmhouse kitchen there would have been no water plumbed into the building, so our sink is actually in the ‘back kitchen’ or scullery, a brick built extension (in the 1950’s) down three steps. I thought I would never get used to it, but you do get used to it and it would be such a major operation to bring a sink into the kitchen that we have never quite got round to it. So, the fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher and sink are all in this ‘back kitchen’ down three steps and the area we are renewing is the cooking, kettle type area.

I thought that as we were making this change, I wanted to make it different and I wanted to have more worktop space. Difficult challenge as there are many doors, windows and an inglenook fireplace with our oil stove to content with, I bought some magazines, as you do! And one of them had a breakfast bar that came out from the units at an angle, I was sold.

I found the kitchen shopping a bit of a challenge, the units I liked, didn’t always do the things I wanted them to, but today, finally, I found some units I liked that did pretty much what I wanted AND I got to have solid oak worktops which is the bit that excites me most!

The illustration below is pretty much what it will be like, except the breakfast bar will have support at the end, not hanging in mid-air like it is – scary! And, those are not the handles that I am getting, the ones we will have are hammered steel and really cool (and expensive) but lovely.

I will give you step by step updates, it’s going to take a couple of weeks for the units to arrive and our joiner says he will be available in 2-3 weeks, but as long as it is done before DS1 gets married in May, I will be happy!

Oh and, by the way, I have taken 4 carrier bags of cookery books out of the book shelves, which is why there are some spaces! The bookshelves were created for me by our joiner and sized to my biggest book – he is a real craftsman, but I do like to challenge him!

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Janice that is the kitchen I would have if I could. White units and oak worktops. I shall be coming to live with you next!!

Can't wait to see how it looks 'in the flesh'. xx


Janice… it will be fabulous! I had my dream kitchen put in in my house in the north (white and walnut work surfaces) – I swapped my kitchen and dining room round and french doors put in where the old cooker had been. And then what did I go and do? I married the Bear and moved to an apartment with what has to be one of the most useless kichens on earth! I soothe myself by planning a new kitchen and I am going to LOVE reading about your changes… it has to be the most satisfying thing a… Read more »


That's going to look great, Janice – and very practical as well as stylish x


Oooh, that's going to be lovely when it's done! I do like a good chunk of wood for a worktop (ours is reclaimed chapel floorboards :haha:). Look forward to the progress repoerts!


That is going to look just great, Janice. Look forward to seeing it put into action.


Wow – that looks great!

Chow and Chatter

can;t wait to see your new kitchen I bet it will be fab, my grandma has a back kitchen as well lol


It sounds like you will have a wonderful new kitchen when you are done!! We live in our kitchen pretty much, it is a kitchen/family room per se. Very cosy. I have a whole room for my cookbooks. Todd gripes whenever a new one comes through the door about where we are going to put it! He doesn't seem to mind eating the fruits of my labours though! haha xxoo


Looks lovely! If you are going to have support for the breakfast bar, why not have a shallow set of drawers there for more storage? (Depending on where you are going to sit at it, of course.)


how exciting šŸ™‚
i'd love to have a big kitchen šŸ™‚
don't forget to take loads of piccies along the way šŸ™‚


Beautiful and organised kitchen. I love the shelves for your cookbooks.


Wow, I am so jealous – even of your existing kitchen! But your new kitchen looks amazing too! I need to take a photo of my kitchen at some point so you can see just how small it is, lol.


Your new kitchen will be amazing!!! Love the idea of those bench tops too … so jealous lol

New Year, New Kitchen, Lucky You!

While I don't envy you the work when its going on, it'll look fab when it's done and well worth the effort. Bet you can't wait.

Helen McGinn

Oh wow, that new kitchen looks something special! I'd LOVE to have a new kitchen but it isn't going to happen for a few years. I'm really looking forward to seeing it evolve and the creations you will come up with. BTW, those beautiful muffins in the previous post look to die for.

Cookies and cakes

Wow! That is going to be great! I am looking forward to seeing the progress! My kitchen is pretty small…I am looking forward to having my dream kitchen one day soon! My husband says we should be moving within the next year! I am very excited šŸ™‚ Thank you for keeping us in the loop with the new kitchen šŸ™‚

The imPerfect Housewife

Now THAT is some set-up ~ I think it's neat because it's so different than everything out there. I can't WAIT to see pictures – with you, I know it's gonig to be cute! ā™„


Wow that kitchen will look great when it is done.

Don't know how I would get on with the sink in another room from the cooker. I normally have to chuck things that burn on my stove straight into the sink! Don't thing that would suit my style of cooking. hahahaha



That hole in the new pics was throwing me. Combined with the metal I could see, I thought it was some sort of new cooker.