Using Herbs: Rosemary Chicken and The Herb Savor Pod

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I love herbs and, while it’s fine in summer when I can pick them
straight from the garden as I need them, out of season I find it
difficult to keep herbs in the fridge.  After all, you don’t always need
the whole pack and they are not cheap. Coriander is probably the  herb I
buy most and by the time you return to the pack, it has become a slimy
mess  – sound familiar?

This recipe is from Make it Easy by Jane Lovett, Rosemary Chicken with french bean, fennel, sun-blush tomato and feta salad.  The chicken is marinated with rosemary so you get a light delicate flavour, the salad is served warm  and is delicious and filling combining some of my favourite flavours.  I added some fresh tomatoes as well as sunblush tomatoes.It would be great as a lunch dish on it’s own and is suitable for vegetarians.

So back to the problem of keeping herbs and not wasting them. What we need is something that will help to keep the herbs fresh until they are needed.  I was delighted when Claire from The Handpicked Collection contacted me and gave me the opportunity to review the Herb Savor Pod

The Herb Savor Pod claims to extend the life of your herbs for up to three weeks, compared to 3-5 days in the fridge.  It can also be used for asparagus.   The pod is fairly simple to use, you take off the clear plastic section, place your herbs inside and fill up the base with water through the little green plug.

I cut some mint to see for myself how well it keeps the herbs.

Here is the mint inside the pod, you only put  a little water in the base of the pod and top this up if needed. It fits perfectly inside your fridge door and there is no leakage of herb smell.

I didn’t have three weeks to wait, but after a week, I opened the pod and was hit with a waft of mint, the leaves were still fresh and crisp and seemed as fresh as when I put them in the pod.

I’m really pleased with the Herb Savor Pod, the only fault I have with it, is that the clear plastic was quite difficult to remove, you have to squeeze it in quite hard to release it, so if you have problems with arthritis or other hand weakness, it would not be suitable for you.  Otherwise, I think it’s a great little gadget and look forward to using it with other herbs.  The Herb Savor Pod is £14.95, which may seem expensive, but if you think about how many herbs you waste, it is probably worth the money.

The Handpicked Collection has a lot of other lovely gifts for family, friends and for treating yourself,  I will be bookmarking the collection for gift ideas.

Disclaimer: The Handpicked Collection supplied me with the Herb Savor Pod, I was not required to write a positive review and any opinion expressed is my own..

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Sounds good! It's really a point to think about. I just bought some parsley today amd most of it I didn't use.


Something that helps prevent throwing out slimy bags of herbs from the bottom of the fridge has to be a good thing.

Karen S Booth

A GREAT recipe and an intriguing piece of kit too….I am lucky enough to be able to cut herbs fresh, but can see the benefits out of season when I have to buy herbs!