Fruit Salad for National Farmhouse Breakfast Week

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I received a lovely hamper from Shake Up Your Wake Up for National Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

It had loads of great breakfast ideas from instant porridge to breads, preserves, granola and a big pile of fruit.  I enjoy a bowl of fruit salad whether it’s summer or winter, sometimes on it’s own or topped with greek yogurt or granola.  Or you can put some fruit salad on to your cereal.  Anything goes, but if you are using banana or apple, you will need to mix them with a little lemon juice to stop them from going brown.  The Kiwi fruit is a really good addition to a fruit salad and Kiwifruit is  high in vitamin C, Vitamin K, a good source of fibre and vitamen E. (Wikipedia)

Another great breakfast idea came in the form of this Warrens Original Cornish Saffron Cake, it makes really delicious toast to eat after your fruit salad with honey or a thin (healthy) scrape of butter. Cornish Saffron bread is promoted as part of the ‘Real Cornish Breakfast Initiative’ which aims to encourages people to buy from local producers and eat local.  Cornwall is a long way from Scotland, but I have happy memories of a student summer job in St Ives when we would buy saffron cakes from the local bakers.

You can follow @breakfastweek on Twitter and tweet a picture of your breakfast every day with the hash tag #BreakfastWatch. You can also post your photos to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Many thanks to Shake up your Wake up and  National Farmhouse Breakfast Week for the hamper of breakfast ingredients, I have not been paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

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Karen S Booth

I also received that lovely hamper and have been working my way through it with greed all week! I love fresh fruit salad and often make a batch for breakfast. Karen


Blimey, I am surprised to see that this is a National Thing. I thought it was just a plot line on the Archers!
I'm glad that it isn't though. I'm looking forward to reading more about your breakfasts