Three Slow Cooked Citrus Recipes and an Omelette Arnold Bennet (don’t ask!)

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There’s something rather nice about the sharp flavour of citrus after the rich foods eaten in December.  Many thanks to the four bloggers who joined the Slow Cooked Challenge for January, even though one naughty blogger cheated (no change there then!)

Slow Cooking champ Lucy from Baking Queen 74 brings us a lovely fresh Slow Cooker Malaysian- Style Veggie Curry with Lime

I would describe this, Slow Cooker Pork with Star Anise and Orange from Gingey Bites, as a hug on a plate.  A rich slowly cooked meal with warming spice and the sweet zing of orange, just perfect for the cold weather we have been having recently.

Lamb Shanks have such an amazing flavour and are made for slow cooking.  Sarah has been busy in her Kitchen Shed (Tales from the Kitchen Shed) again and brings us a recipe featuring that January citrus favourite the Seville Orange!  Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks with Seville Oranges and Marmalade could easily grace a dinner party plate or make a great alternative to a roast for Sunday lunch.

This is Dom’s Omelette Arnold Bennet here is what Dom said on his blog Belleau Kitchen:

” I am entering this recipe into the Slow Cooked Challenge hosted so beautifully by Janice from Farmersgirl KitchenThe theme this month is soup but i’ve bent the rules of this challenge so many times I think Janice has given up caring… I will no doubt be making a soup at some stage this month but until I do…”

Soup?  No, Dom it was ‘Citrus’, even a wee squeeze of lemon on your smoked haddock would have done it, and then you didn’t even add it to the Linky!!  You might wonder why I don’t disqualify Dom, well it’s because (shhh don’t tell anyone) sometimes I cheat at Random Recipes 😉

Next month there will be no theme, so bring me all and any slow cooked recipes, the linky will go up on Sunday. 

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belleau kitchen

oh god, i'm so rubbish!… but I know you love me. I have NO idea where I got soup from and you're so right, I could have easily added lemon, i could have gone back and corrected it to but hey, life is too short (maybe I could use my slow-cooker to slow time down?…) A great selection of slow-cooked goodness, no theme for Feb, that's good, very little for me to get wrong! xx

Gingey Bites
Gingey Bites

Hehehe this made me laugh! It's all about taking part isn't it and I bet we all cheat every now and again ☺️


Absolutely hilarious, darling! It's only a bit of fun and you did make something in your slow cooker, thanks for making the effort, I know you have been mega busy. X

Sarah James

Thanks for an entertaining round up Janice. Looking forward to linking up to February's challenge.