The calm after the storm: Floods December 2015

Flooded River Annan

Farm Life | December 6, 2015 | By

This is not a food related post in any way at all, However, many of you will be aware of the torrential and persistent rain there has been in the North of England and South of Scotland leading to some of the worst flooding since 2009. So I thought I would share some of the photographs around the farm in the calm after the storm.  If you look at the horizontal lines, you can identify the tops of the banks of the river which have been breached and the flood water spilt over into the fields. Sheep are safe on the high ground when the river floods   The sheep had safely gathered on the higher ground avoiding the flood, I think they thought we were going to feed them but they are not ours, we let this field to another farmer.  He is coming to move them tomorrow. The flood covers the road to the village   As well as flooding the fields, the water has risen as far as the road into the nearest village.  This was not the only road closed the main road, which runs parallel to this one, was also closed due to the flood.  When we returned from visiting my mother, we had to take a detour around some of the back roads that are further from the river.  I love to see the reflections of the trees in the flood water   Although I am no fan of a flood, I do love the reflections you get in the water. Flood water covering the road to the village   If you are near a flood, then please take care and stay safe. 

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oh my word it’s crazy! I remember what it was like here when it flooded 5 years ago… scary and beautiful! I hope you’re safe x

Fiona Maclean

Take care yourself Janice. The floods are both beautiful and terrible – I hope your farm isn’t suffering.


Really captured the power and beauty of nature in those shots Janice. Glad to hear you’re OK despite the flooding.


Flooding of homes and work places is no fun at all, but I do love the look of it in the landscape and your photos are beautiful. Glad you remained dry.