Avocado and Olive Salsa

The sun is shining and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than to sit outside with a chilled glass of a delicious drink  and a bowl of this Avocado

Golden Turmeric Fries with Coriander and Mint Dip

Golden Turmeric Fries with Coriander and Mint Dip elevates the classic comfort food of chips (fries) to an impressive appetiser, party canape or as a tasty snack to enjoy with friends

How to make Soft Cheese and other Alchemy

When I posted a photo this homemade soft cheese on social media, someone described it as alchemy and, in a way, it is.   One of the definitions of alchemy

Chilli and Garlic Tofu Sandwich Spread

I’m always looking for new ideas for sandwiches, we eat a lot of hummus but it’s nice to have something different, so this Tofu Sandwich Spread, whizzed up in my

Quick and Easy Cranberry Sauce

Making your own Cranberry Sauce with fresh cranberries is simple and tastes so much better than anything you can buy, why not give it a try?  I made the sauce

Roasted Carrot Hummus and the One Pot Gourmet Gardener Review

I can’t recommend this Roasted Carrot Hummus highly enough, it is so good. It’s one of the recipes in the One-Pot Gourmet Gardener by Cinead McTernan, delicious container recipes to grow

Wild Garlic Hummus, Wild Garlic Pesto and Green Chicken – Obsessed by Spring Foraging

I make a batch of hummus every month and freeze it in portions, so we always have hummus available, it’s my husband’s favourite filling for his lunchtime sandwich.  As hummus