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Recipe round up coming soon


WW2 Rations 1940: per one person (adult)

Butter: 50g (2oz)     
Bacon  or
ham: 100g (4oz)     
Margarine: 100g (4oz)
Cooking fat/lard: 100g (4oz)
Sugar: 225g (8oz).    
Meat: To the value of 1/2d – 1lb (450g)
Milk: 3 pints (1800ml) occasionally dropping to 2
pints (1200ml).
Cheese: 2oz (50g)      rising
to 8oz (225g)
Eggs: 1 fresh egg a week.     
Tea: 50g (2oz).
Jam: 450g (1lb) every two months.
Dried eggs 1 packet (12 eggs) every four weeks.
Sweets: 350g (12oz) every four weeks

 Leek and Potato Soup

1 tbsp lard or oil
3 large leeks
1 1/2 lb potatoes
4 pints stock

Heat the oil over a moderate heat, add the cleaned chopped leeks, and
let them sweat for while until they start to soften.  Add the potatoes,
chopped into 2in chunks and cook for a couple of minutes.  Add the stock
and cook until the leeks and potatoes have cooked, about 30 minutes.

Egg and Sausage Pie
3 eggs
8oz sausages (approx 4 sausages) I browned the sausages first although this is not required
1/4 pint milk
salt and pepper
1/2lb short pastry   (I substituted vegetable shortening, couldn’t face lard, for half the butter in this recipe)

Line a deep sandwich tin with pastry, Place sausages, sliced length
ways, on the pastry.  Beat the eggs with the milk and a dash of salt and
pepper and pour over the sausages.  Bake for 45 minutes in a moderate
oven.  Use hot, or when cold cut into wedges and serve with lettuce and
sliced tomatoes.


Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 22 is all about Oats and Barley and
features, not only porridge, but also a ‘Swiss Breakfast Dish’ which
appears to be a version of Bircher Muesli. 


Porridge – Recipe 1
NB – If thick porridge is preferred use the larger amounts of oatmeal, rolled oats or barley kernels. 4-6oz oatmeal
2 pints water
2 tsp salt
Soak the oatmeal in water overnight.  Next morning add salt, bring to
the boil and boil for 15-20minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent
Recipe 2
6-8oz rolled oats or barley kernels
2 pints cold water
2 tsp salt
Mix the rolled oats or barley kernels with a little of the cold
water. Boil the rest and pour on to the oats stirring well. Add the salt
and boil the porridge for  5-10 minutes stirring at intervals


Swiss Breakfast Dish
4oz rolled oats or barley flakes or kernels
4 tbsp milk
1/2 – 3/4lb grated raw apple
1-2 tbsp sugar
Soak the rolled oats or barley flakes or kernels overnight in barely
enough water to cover.  In the morning beat up well with the other
ingredients.  This is a delicious alternative to porridge on summer
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Gingey Bites
Gingey Bites

This is a fab idea for a blog! Its amazing how little we had to live off.

Gingey Bites
Gingey Bites

This is a great idea for a blog. Its incredible how little we had to live off during the war.

Janice Pattie

Thanks. I really must complete the round up of recipes, there were more!


I like this idea a lot. That sausage tart looks far too good to be ration food though. I am looking forward to you posting some more recipes.

Joy Thomas
Joy Thomas

I,m so pleased to have found your blog, i love anything home front and rationing and have decided in these hard times to try and live on rations for a week or two, lol and make the family do it to 🙂 many thanks for your blog

Joy Thomas
Joy Thomas

what a lovely idea, i,m trying to drag my family into trying rations for a week lol…especially in these hard times, and both my partner and i love anythng to do with rationing and wartime, thanks for your blog 🙂

Samantha S.


Jean | DelightfulRepast.com

Was that list of items for one week?


Jean: yes for one week except where stated. I'll check out your recipe later. Thanks for your interest in Wartime Kitchen.