Chocolate Lime Ice Cream

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Lime ice cream with chocolate chips 
What do you want to eat when the temperatures rise?  Why  reach for the ice cream of course, you won’t be disappointed by this Chocolate Lime ice cream, it’s easy to make and tastes like chocolate lime sweets!
Ingredients for Chocolate Lime Ice Cram 
When I was at the Highland Show, the lovely Claire from Mackays, gave me some samples to bake with as part of “Baking with Mackays”. I don’t know about you, but I’m not all that keen on standing by a hot oven when the sun is shining outside, so I looked for another way to use the delicious preserves, made in Scotland, in a creative way. I love Lemon Curd but have never tried Lime Curd, Mackays Lime curd includes eggs, butter, limes and sugar and is delicious spread on hot buttered toast.  Eggs, butter and sugar are the ingredients needed to make a custard and in many ways a curd is a custard, by adding cream it’s a short cut to making ice cream.  I was conscious that the theme for We should Cocoa this month was ice cream, so thought about how I could include chocolate. I have a bit of a soft spot for those, old fashioned sweets, Chocolate Limes, it’s such a great combination of flavours that I thought it was worth trying to make Chocolate Lime ice cream.
Chocolate Lime Ice Cream
 300ml double cream
1 jar (340g) Mackays Lime curd
½ lime juice and zest
100g chocolate chips
1. Whip the cream until it is floppy, add the lime curd, zest and juice. 
2. Churn in an ice cream machine, then add the chocolate chips or place in a shallow box and freeze for a couple of hours before adding the chocolate chips, then freeze overnight.
 I put the mixture into my ice cream maker, it churned away, but 20 minutes later when it should had been turning solid, it was just slightly more chilled.  I picked up the bowl of the ice cream maker and realised that it was leaking bluey green stuff from the bottom.  Fortunately none of this came near the ice cream, so I scooped it up and put it into a box, mixed in the chocolate chips and put it into the freezer for at least four hours or, preferably, overnight.
 Because of the high sugar content in the curd, the ice cream doesn’t go rock hard, nor does it form ice crystals so you really don’t need an ice cream machine to make it.

I used this excellent Trigger Ice Cream Scoop from Oxo Good Grips to serve up my ice cream.  I have three ice cream scoops, none of which have ever been terribly satisfactory, but this one scoops like a dream and the trigger action deposits the ice cream into your dish in a neat ball, it also goes in the dish washer which is a real bonus. 

The Chocolate Lime ice cream was very creamy but the sharp lime flavour from the Lime Curd cuts through the richness and the little nuggets of dark chocolate really did make it taste like those Chocolate Lime sweets.

I’m adding this post to the Fab First Fridays linky at London Unattached, a blog event to share your favourite post of the month. 

Serving Chocolate Lime Ice Cream
Many thanks to Claire for the Mackays Lime Curd and to Cherelle and Oxo Good Grips for providing the Trigger Ice Cream Scoop for review.  I was not paid for this review and my opinions are my own.
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I would like a scoop or two of this please – far better than anything you can buy.

Janice Pattie

Thanks Maggie, it is excellent!

Christian Halfmann

What a brilliant idea. I don't have an ice cream maker and am for sure not going to get one. So it's lovely to read of your chocolate lime ice cream. Sounds really refreshing.
By the way, I don't mind standing at a hot oven, when it's hot outside. In fact I prefer to eat ice cream when it's cold outside – especially in ice cream cones – because it's not going to melt away so fast. Anyway, ice cream anytime.

Janice Pattie

I agree to Ice Cream any time! Thanks for your kind comment, let me know if you make this recipe.


Curd for ice-cream – what a brilliant idea Janice. Love the flavours here too and so refreshing in this hot summer weather we are all so unused to. I think I might need one of your ice-cream scoops – I can't get a nice ball of ice-cream however hard I try. Thanks for making this for We Should Cocoa 🙂

Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S

Sounds gorgeous and refreshing. I love lime curd, to be honest I prefer it over lemon! I had the same thing happen to my ice cream bowl before. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me out a new bowl free of charge. Mine had leaked all over the contents of my freezer!

Janice Pattie

Good call Elizabeth, I'll try that!

Camilla @FabFood4All

This sounds like a really delicious and refreshing combination Janice, you've inspired me:-)


This sounds so delicious and I can't think of anything better on these hot days!The combination sounds utterly delicious!

Beth Sachs

My mouth is watering – the lime curd sounds amazing

Claire Toplis
Claire Toplis

I LOVE ice cream love this love it

Annes S

Oh wow it sounds like the perfect combination in a icecream, I adore those chocolate lime sweets so quite sure would equally adore your icecream!

Gillian Milner

This looks like beautiful icecream


I would never have considered lime with chocolate, but now I need a bite!

Fiona Maclean

no churn ice-cream is about the only sort I'd make. And I love this flavour combination.

Thanks for linking it up!!!



Found this lovely post from Fiona's Fab Friday link. What a brilliant idea to use the lime curd in ice cream. I don't have an ice cream maker so I am even more chuffed to know I can still make this. Perfect for a hot summer's day1


This is cool!