Tortilla Bake – leftover fajitas just got better!

The best leftover recipe - Tortilla Bake

We love to eat fajitas and now we have a new favourite, a Tortilla Bake. I buy the tortillas and the fajita spice mix and a box of Nachos with their sachets of topping.  Sometimes I buy the salsa, sometimes  I make it, but I always make my own guacamole and have little bowls of sour cream, roasted peppers, cheese, salad and kidney beans.

When my sons were still at home it was their favourite meal and there were never any leftovers.  But now there are fewer of us, so last night there were three tortillas left, enough chicken for one and a few bits and pieces in each of the other bowls.  Just about enough for one person’s lunch but not really enough for a meal.

As I am not really baking just now, all the bakeware having been packed away for the kitchen work, I have a bit of an overload of eggs.  We get our eggs from a colleague of my husband’s and half a dozen beautiful free range eggs arrive every Monday.  Usually I’ve used them all before the next delivery but they are starting to stack up.  So eggs seemed like a good way to go with my recipe development!

Tortilla Bake ready for the oven

Tortilla Bake is such a simple dish to put together, and really you can put any leftovers between layers of tortilla and top with the egg mixture and cheese and it would taste great.  


Tortilla Bake
Serves 2
Probably the best way to use leftover fajita ingredients, this is one of my favourites. dishes
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  1. 2-3 tortillas
  2. 1-2 tbsp kidney beans
  3. 1 tbsp soured cream
  4. 1 -2 tbsp tomato salsa
  5. 1-2 tbsp roasted sweet peppers
  6. 1-2 tbsp chicken cooked in fajita spice mix
  7. 1-2 tbsp guacamole
  8. 150g hard cheese (cheddar)
  9. 4 eggs
  10. 100ml semi skimmed milk
  11. salt and freshly ground pepper
  1. Grease a round pie dish with butter or oil. Lay one torilla in the base, add the cooked chicken, place another tortilla on top and cover with the beans, cream, salsa, chicken and guacamole. Place the final tortilla over this. (If you only have two just make a big sandwich).
  2. Beat the eggs and milk together in a bowl, season and pour over the tortilla layers.
  3. Cover with foil and leave to rest in the fridge for 2-3 hours to let the egg mix soak in.
  4. Heat the oven to 180 C
  5. Grate the the cheese over the top of the tortillas.
  6. Replace the foil and bake for 20 minutes until the egg is almost set.
  7. Increase the oven temperature to 220 C
  8. Remove the foil and bake for a further 5-10 minutes until the cheese is browned and melted.
  9. Serve cut into wedges with salad or vegetables.
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Tortilla Bake - leftover fajitas just got better


There will be no leftovers from this ‘leftovers’ Tortilla Bake, it’s just too good!


Tea Time Treats is a blog challenge run by my friend Karen at Lavender and Lovage, this month it is being hosted by Jane at Hedgecombers and the Tea Time theme is ‘EGGS’.

I’ve already entered on recipe for the ‘No Waste Food Challenge’ this month but the Tortilla Bake is a leftovers dish so it also qualifies for this excellent challenge organised by Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary.


This is a new challenge for me, I found it in the list on the Food Blog Diary.  Cheese is integral to the success of the Tortilla Bake and the theme for Cheese Please, this month, is Comfort Food and Winter Warmers, so I think this cheesy supper dish definitely fits the bill!

oozing layers of Tortilla bake made with fajita leftovers 
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belleau kitchen

This is such a great idea. The Viking is a massive fan of tortilla and this would be a great dish made with quorn perhaps? Thanks for the inspiration!

Janice Pattie

Thanks Dom, hope the Viking enjoys it. I've made quern fajitas before so it should work fine, however if you have enough roasted peppers and kidney beans in it you probably don't need anything else.


We love fajitas in our house too and this is a great way to use them up, although like you, there's not usually much leftover to use up!


Yum – that looks fantastic. Love fajitas here too and, like you, tend to buy the spice mix but make my own guacamole. Great way to use up the leftovers (…if there are any). Brilliant idea.


Sounds gorgeous, love this sort of food. What's happening to your kitchen? Nothing bad I hope. Thought you'd done it up recently.

Fromage Homage

This looks lovely and cheesy! I'll bet it would be great with pancakes too. Thanks for sharing it with Cheese, Please! this month šŸ™‚

Jacqueline Meldrum

What a great idea Janice. I'll have to try it. Although I'll have to make a second vegan one for Graham.

Deena Kakaya

Hi Janice, lovely and inviting pic..this is the sort of food everyone enjoys…I love that the layers are separate abs not too wet x

Jane Sarchet

That looks amazing! Great idea for using up odd leftover too.
Thank you so much for sharing with this months tea Time Treats, it's certainly a perfect recipe for the tea table šŸ™‚
Janie x


I'm a big fan of fajitas too and I think this looks like a fantastic and delicious way to use up any leftovers! Thank you for sharing with the No Waste Food Challenge!


This appears to be a slightly tweaked version of King Ranch Chicken, a casserole supposedly indigenous to Texas.


How interesting, I had no idea, but it doesn't surprise me that this idea has been created before, it's such a simple mix of ingredients.