Roasted Courgette, Tomato, Feta and Basil Tart

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There was a bit of joking on Twitter the other night about how we should make one recipe that covered all the blog challenges, then we could have the rest of the month off!  I haven’t managed to cover quite all the blog challenges with this post but it ticked off quite a few.

My courgette/zucchini plant has sucked up all the rain and produced some huge fruits, so although I had planned to make the Pea, bean and bacon tart from the July issue of BBC Good Food, I decided to adapt it to use the courgettes, hmmm maybe I could use some tomatoes too, oh and that half block of Feta cheese, so no need for the bacon and I’ll make my own pasty instead of using frozen shortcrust like in the recipe…not much of the recipe left to be honest!

Roasted Courgette Tomato, Feta and Basil Tart

1 quantity of butter shortcrust pastry blind baked in a flan case (click through to the link for full recipe)

For the roasted vegetables
2 large or three medium courgettes/zucchini
8 small tomatoes, halved
3 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp salt

Heat the oven to 200C, slice or dice the courgettes into even sized chunks, halve the tomatoes.  Place the vegetables in a roasting dish and coat with the oil.  Sprinkle with salt and roast in the oven for 20-30 minutes until starting to blacken round the edges. Remove from oven and drain the juices into a bowl.

For the filling
100g Feta cheese, cubed
300ml double cream
4 large eggs
juices from the roasted vegetables
6-8 basil leaves
freshly ground pepper

Place the roasted vegetables into the baked tart case, top with the cubed feta and torn basil leaves.  Season with freshly ground pepper.
Beat the cream and eggs together and stir in the saved juices from the roasted vegetables. Pour over the vegetables and cheese and bake at 160C for 35 minutes until set and golden.

Roasting the veg means that the pastry doesn’t go soggy and it makes a nice firm filling, very tasty indeed.

I’m entering this tart for One Ingredient, the July ingredient is ‘The Tomato’ and it is being hosted this month by Jacqueline at How to Cook Good Food who shares this challenge with Working London Mummy

 And..Veggie/Fruit a Month which is featuring the Zucchini for July and is being hosted this month by Cook’s Joy

It is also Simple and in Season another challenge run by Jacqueline at How to Cook Good Food in patnership with Ren at Fabulicious Food

Okay, so far three challenges busted with one dish, now to the salad I served with the tart

Giant Couscous, Butternut and Walnut Salad

I’ve been reading about Giant Couscous, so when I saw a bag at the farm shop last week, I popped it in my basket.  Also in GoodFood July issue was this recipe which was perfect to try out the giant couscous.  This time I stuck to the recipe!

I hope the recipe will go onto the website soon and I can link back, but it is basically roasted dice of butternut squash which have been sprinkled with chilli powder (I roasted them in a separate dish but at the same time as the courgettes and tomatoes).  You cook the couscous for five minutes, then mix through the roasted squash and the oil it has been roasted in and add walnut pieces, the seeds and juice of half a pomegranate and juice of half a lemon with a handful of chopped mint.

What a lovely salad it was, the squash pieces were quite hot as I probably used more chilli than I should and used chilli flakes rather than powder!  However, as the couscous is bland if you ate it altogether, the heat was about right.  I loved the fresh juiciness of the pomegranate seeds, the green bite of the mint and earthy crunch of the walnuts.   I would definitely make this again.

And this recipe is for Bookmarked Recipes one of the challenges run by Jac at Tinned Tomatoes from an idea by Ruth from Ruth’s Kitchen Experiments founder of the challenge.

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Mmmmmmmmm, yum, yum yum and slurp! What a magnificent post Janice!


Tart looks yummy and inviting. Thx for linking.

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What a wonderful pics of Roasted Courgette, Tomato, Feta and Basil Tart you have here.
Perhaps you're interested to submit your food photos on a food photography site that has tagline "Food Photography that will make you hungry" šŸ™‚
It's free to submit, free to join, and a lot of members can enjoy your creation!

Homemade by Fleur

Fab recipes both of which are my sort of food. It's so easy to make shortcrust pastry that I don't really buy it any more. I have some giant cous cous in the cupboard that need using up so thank you for some inspiration. Thanks also for entering it into simple and in season. The linky is on my blog this month šŸ˜‰

Fuss Free Helen

I think I once polished off 5 challenges with one post! It sometimes requires some planning and usually involves bread!

Lovely tart!

Karen S Booth

GREAT multi-challenge Janice, I bow to your MULTI-COOKING Tasking!!! And, let's NOT forget that the tart is also LOVELY as well as the couscous too….Karen


If only I were more organised, I would attempt to follow you in the recipe that suits all blog challenges!
I have done NONE yet this month…..ooopps!
However, your tart looks beautiful. Just perfect for the 2 picnics I have got booked in for Saturday week :)x

Hospitality Events
Hospitality Events

I am jolly glad you improvised. This Roasted Courgette, Tomato, Feta and Basil Tart sounds just as delicious only healthier than Pea, bean and bacon tart. And I love how it looks – gorgey and scrummy! Just pinned it on Pinterest.

Jin Hooi

yum!! I have never tried giant couscous before and you have definately inspired me to try this new ingredient!!

Annes S

I know what you mean about having just one group to post to, I have given up trying and if I happen to post something up it gets added by sheer co-incidence!

Your tart looks so good, it has all my favourite ingredients in!

Working London Mummy Working London Mummy

This looks absolutely delicious janice.I love making home made quiches and tarts and my daughter loves eating them so I shall have to try this out. well done on all the blog challenge entries!!