How to make Fig and Lime Jam

Fig and Lime Jam recipe is easy to make and works brilliantly as a sweet jam on your breakfast toast and. in my opinion, it’s even better with cheese and

Chilli Lime Cupcakes – National Cupcake Week Part 2

      How is your National Cupcake Week going?  I hope you have managed to bake or eat at least one cupcake this week, if not you still have

Baked Rum Bananas for No Waste Food Challenge

I’m hosting the No Waste Food Challenge this month.  This challenge is all about using every bit of food that you buy, it was started by Kate of Turquoise Lemons,

Beef, Roasted Red Pepper and Lime Burgers

  The classic hamburger has gone from relatively humble beginnings to become an enduring symbol of fast food culture.  I remember when my Mum first visited the USA, Dad had

Chocolate Lime Ice Cream

    What do you want to eat when the temperatures rise?  Why  reach for the ice cream of course, you won’t be disappointed by this Chocolate Lime ice cream,

Introducing Cocoa Boutique!

Do you like chocolate?  Daft question, I know, most of us like chocolate a little too much but often I find that boxes of chocolates are a little disappointing.  The

Delia’s Key Lime Pie with an Easter twist!

I was looking through some cookbooks for a dessert suitable for Easter weekend, something that would be big enough to last for two to three days.  I chose this Key