Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread

Crisp fingers of Scottish shortbread flavoured with orange zest, dipped in dark chocolate and more sugared zest - so good!

Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread

I’ve been making Scottish shortbread for a very long time, using the recipe that my Mum handed down to me.  However, sometimes I like to ring the changes and, as I had rather a lot of oranges in the fruit bowl, I decided to create a Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread.  Chocolate and orange is a classic combination, the acidity of the oranges helps to cut through the richness of the sweet shortbread and enhances the flavour of the dark chocolate. 

Delicious homemade Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread fingers

The basic shortbread cookies recipe is three ingredients, butter, flour and sugar.   For this Chocolate Orange Shortbread recipe, I’ve used soft brown sugar and added the zest of an orange to the shortbread.  

The Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread mixture pressed into the tin, pricked with a fork and marked into fingers

Making the orange shortbread is relatively easy.  You rub the butter into the flour and sugar then press into a tin.  Pricking the shortbread with a fork helps it to cook evenly and marking out the fingers makes it easier to cut them evenly once it’s cooked. 

Naked Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread Fingers

These are the ‘naked’ shortbread fingers.  I did leave them a little longer than I should have and they coloured a bit around the edges.  Remember that every oven is different so keep an eye on your shortbread and adjust the timing to suit yourself.  Always better to set your timer 5 minutes earlier than the stated recipe times and check, you can always leave it a bit longer. 

A pretty plate of Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread fingers for afternoon tea

Dipping the shortbread in dark chocolate is what makes this Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread, and the final touch of a mixture of sugar and orange zest sprinkled on the melted chocolate adds a real touch of luxury as well as a burst of real orange flavour. 

Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread Recipe

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Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
35 mins
Total Time
45 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: British
Keyword: chocolate, orange, recipe, Scottish, Shortbread
Servings: 12
Author: Farmersgirl Kitchen
  • 225 g plain (all purple) flour, seived
  • 50 g soft light brown sugar
  • 2 medium oranges finely grated rind
  • 150 g butter cut into small pieces
  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 1 tsp coconut oil optional
  • 3 tsps granulated sugar
  1. Place flour in a bowl, add sugar and grated rind of one orange
  2. Add the butter and rub into mixture
  3. Press into a 20cm square tin, press down firmly
  4. Prick all over with a fork, mark into 12 pieces
  5. Bake 170c for 25 minutes, turn down to 150C for further 15 minutes
  6. Cool slightly before cutting into pieces
  7. Break up the chocolate and put in a bowl, with the coconut oil, if using. Place the bowl over a pan of just boiled water water, stir until the chocolate is melted.

  8. Dip one end of each of the shortbread fingers in melted chocolate, place on baking parchment and chill until set.

  9. Mix the finely grated rind of the second orange with the granulated sugar

  10. Remelt the chocolate and dip the other end of the fingers into the chocolate and sprinkle on the sugar and orange zest mixture.
  11. Chill again, until set.
  12. Store in an airtight container.
Recipe Notes

I added the coconut oil as it slightly softens the dark chocolate. It is optional and will work perfectly with out the coconut oil. You could also use milk or white chocolate, your choice. 


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Chocolate Orange Scottish Shortbread is my entry for the very last ‘ We should Cocoa’ run by Choclette at Tin & Thyme.  I first entered ‘We Should Cocoa’ in June 2011,  It’s a food blogger’s ‘link up’ for chocolate recipes.  My entry was Chocolate Pavlovas with Strawberries and I’m rather embarrassed by the terrible photograph, although the individual Chocolate Pavlovas were delicious.  Time to make them again and take a better photo, I think. 

We should Cocoa

I’m also sharing via #Cookblogshare which is a great place to find new blogs and new recipes.

Hijacked By Twins

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Camilla Hawkins

These sound and look amazing Janice, I love the chocolate orange combo so know I’d love these:-)


I’m honoured to have this superb looking shortbread for the final #WeShouldCocoa chocolate party. You’ve been taking part for an awful long time, though I thought you were there from the very beginning.

Shortbread is my favourite biscuit and as it’s relatively low on sugar and easy to make I ought to make it more often – now there’s a good excuse if ever I heard one ๐Ÿ˜€


Ooooh these shortbreads look incredible!! I adore chocolate and orange together and they sound like such great flavours in this pretty shortbread.

Helen at Casa Costello

Oh wow, this looks incredible. We are addicted to all things chocolate orange in this house but haven’t tried Choc Orange Shortbread yet. Thanks so much for including my biscotti.


This looks absolutely delicious. My favourite flavour combo!

Corina Blum

These look absolutely delicious! I’m a big fan of chocolate and orange together and shortbread is probably my favourite biscuit. I haven’t tried it with soft brown sugar in before though so that’s something I’d love to do next time, just to make it a little different.


Scottish shortbread is the absolute best. I love that you have put a more modern twist on it. Chocolate and orange is one of my favourite flavour combinations so I am HOOKED! Thanks for the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚


I now blame you for a batch of apricot shortbread I’ve just made. Once I saw this recipe, I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

Rebecca - Glutarama

You can’t beat the good old chocolate and orange combo, add Scottish shortbread to the equation and boom! Winning recipe. I’ve managed to make gluten free shortbread (lots shy away from making it, thinking it impossible) so I’m going to give this flavour combo a go asap.

Ceri Jones

Chocolate orange is one of my favourites, love the idea of dipping the shortbreads in chocolate too – delish!

jenny paulin

I love chocolate and orange anything, so I know I would enjoy these very much. they also look so pretty with your sugary orange decoration. thank you for sharing with #GBBOBakeoftheWeek #GBBOBloggers2018 linky xx


I love shortbread, but never made it. Your tips are really helpful and I think I’m going to give these a try. They do look great.

Louise Fairweather

Oh I do love shortbread – especially with the addition of chocolate and orange

Shell Louise

Shortbread is my favourite biscuit and the first one I learned to make as a child. These look lovely, I’m pinning for later.

Rebecca Beesley

love the addition of the zest – looks so pretty and unique! #gbbobloggers2018

Kavita Favelle

Oh, lovely, I really like the look of these. I love shortbread and the addition of chocolate and orange flavours sounds fab!