Mince Pies for Tea Time Treats

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I’m entering this for Tea Time Treats as the theme for December is ‘Christmas’  Team Time Treats is a monthly baking challenge run by Karen at Lavender and Lovage and Kate  at ‘What Kate Baked’ , Kate is hosting the December challenge.

Last month I made Dark Chocolate Mincemeat using Dan Lepard’s Dark Rich Mincemeat recipe from his fabulous book Short and Sweet.  So today I made some mince pies and again I turned to Short and Sweet for the Rich Shortcrust Pastry that Dan recommends for mince pies.  It’s a lovely recipe, sweet and enriched with ground almonds and egg yolk .  I was really quite excited about tasting the mince pies and I wasn’t disappointed.  

Usually I find that mince pies are all pastry and no filling and the pastry never seems very exciting, but the Rich Shortcrust was light, ‘short’ and added rather than detracted from the mincemeat.  I made the pies in my muffin tins, some mini pies in mini muffin tins and a few larger ones.  The muffin tins give you  a deeper pie which allows for more filling.  Definitely a huge hit!   If you haven’t bought Short and Sweet yet, then get it on your Christmas list.

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Karen S Booth

A FABULOUS tea time treats entry thanks Janice and such a PRETTY photo too…..I adore mince pies and could happily scoff the lot!
THANKS for entering these little beauties into TTT!

fiona maclean

lovely janice they look fabulous!

…my new year's resolution is going to be to learn to bake!!!

Baking Addict

Ooh these look lovely!! Can't wait to start baking from this year, probably in the new year.


These look delicious Janice! I also have just bought Dan's book and have been looking though all the festive bakes and think I will follow your lead and get baking my mince pies in muffin tins now 🙂 x


Those looks fantastic!

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter

love these they look perfect

Wanna Be A Country Cleaver
Wanna Be A Country Cleaver

Oh mince pies just shout Christmas to me. Just gorgeous. ~Megan

Dom at Belleau Kitchen

I think I'll be pretty much following in your footsteps with my entry for this too although I'm not sure I could make them so pretty! Yours look do golden and light. Good old Dan again eh!?


they look fabulous! I think i will have to try using the muffin pans for mince pies, never thought of that duh!


Thank you ever so much for your entry Janice. I second Karen- I could happily eat Mince Pies, and only Mince Pies from here til Christmas Day. I definitely have Dan's book on my Christmas list and I've no doubt these will be top of my baking list come Boxing Day!

Shu Han

oh you've got me all excited about the sweet shortcrust pastry now (:


Thanks for all the lovely comments. Sorry about not blogging the recipe. I've tweeted Dan Lepard to see if he will allow me to publish it. I know I have published others but this is a pretty new book and I didn't think it fair to post it. When I made the mincemeat, I made changes (added chocolate) so felt able to post that. If Dan says yes, I'll add the recipe.

Kentish Keg-Meg

Mmmm they look good.

two hippos
two hippos

these look and sound utterly delicious!!!


These look gorgeous and your pastry looks perfect. Short & Sweet is fast becoming the baking bible of the twenty first century…love it!


I like the idea of making them in a muffin pan so you can get more filling in there. Chocolate mincemeat sounds very good indeed and so does the pastry. No ordinary mince pie this one. I keep reading how good this book is, I must get it.

Working london mummy

these look lovely. I do like the idea of chocolate mincemeat. will have to look that up am a huge fan of home made mince pies

Scott at Real Epicurean

I love mince pies. I'm going to make some pastry later.

Working london mummy

These look so tempting a lovely pastry. Yum!