How to make Easy Blackberry and Apple Trifle

Easy Blackberry and Apple Trifle is a glorious autumnal layered dessert full of sweet and tart flavours topped with whipped cream and crunchy toasted almonds. An ideal make-ahead dessert for entertaining.

Easy Blackberry and Apple Hand Pies

Easy Blackberry and Apple Hand Pies are individual crisp puff pastry pies filled with a luscious sweet blackberry and apple compote. They are easy to make and a real taste of the end of summer.

How to make Hedgerow Vodka

Every year I pick blackberries from the hedgerow.  Some years I get a good crop of sloes but although I often look at the red rosehips and hawthorn berries, this

Quick and Easy Fig, Honey and Almond Tart

Autumn is the season for beautiful, fresh and ripe figs and this Quick and Easy Fig, Honey and Almond Tart is an ideal simple and delicious way to serve them. 

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Blackberry and Apple Crumble is one of the real treats of Autumn/Fall, it’s an easy dessert to make and can be served with ice cream, cream, yogurt or custard.  

Bramble and Vanilla Cordial

Foraged or cultivated blackberries are ideal for making this fruity Bramble and Vanilla Cordial.  You can use fresh or frozen blackberries and a whole vanilla pod, It has a rich blackberry flavour is easy to make and much less expensive than the high-end fruit cordials and you know exactly what went into it. 

Wisdom for Home Preservers and Spiced Blackberry Jam

When autumn (fall) starts to creep in, it’s definitely time to start preserving the harvest from your garden or the hedgerows.  People have been preserving food since ancient times—evidence shows

Peach and Bramble Meringue Slice

At the end of the summer, peaches, nectarines and foraged berries, like blackberries, are sweet and full of flavour.  I used peaches and blackberries to make a Peach and Bramble

Foragers Fancy – A Gin Cocktail

Gin was probably my first ‘grown up’ drink, it seemed very sophisticated to ask for a gin and tonic rather than the Cinzano and lemonade that started my foray into

Summer Falls into Autumn Pudding

Summer Pudding is probably my favourite British pudding. There is something about the sharpness of the fruits and the tender bread shell soaked with juice that really appeals to me,